Gardena Hospital Passes Subacute Survey

Team members on the Subacute Unit at Memorial Hospital of Gardena gathered to celebrate their success following a survey by the California Department of Public Health.

Memorial Hospital of Gardena’s Subacute Unit hosted five surveyors from the California Department of Public Health early in March for its annual survey—and the results were commendable.

“We are pleased to announce that our 69-bed Subacute Unit passed this survey and emerged from the process with great success,” said Chief Nursing Officer Kathryn McLaughlin. “The subacute team did a great job highlighting all of their work to care for this vulnerable patient population.”

She added that this year’s survey was challenging because the team was short-staffed.

Gardena Hospital Passes Subacute Survey

The team enjoyed a celebration breakfast March 21.

“The team’s tradition of teamwork and quality patient care carried them through the survey, and we are so proud of them,” McLaughlin said. “They truly make a significant positive difference for our patients.”