Our comprehensive rehabilitation services help our patients return to the fullest possible level of activity, independence, and self-sufficiency.


Care Tailored to Your Unique Lifestyle Needs and Challenges

At Memorial Hospital of Gardena, we believe quality of care goes hand-in-hand with quality of life. For patients suffering and recovering from debilitating diseases, surgeries, trauma, and other conditions, our Rehabilitation Services offer comprehensive care delivered by an interdisciplinary team of dedicated professionals. We strive to return patients to the activities they enjoy and the lives they deserve.

Our Rehabilitation Services:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Hand Program
  • Cognitive Training
  • Fall Reduction
  • Neuro/Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Training
  • Speech – Language, cognitive-linguistic, voice, and swallow therapy
  • Worker’s Compensation and Return-to-Work Program
  • Pain Management

Physical Therapy: Getting Patients Moving Again

Physical Therapy is a core component of our Rehabilitation Services. Provided by certified, highly trained, and experienced Physical Therapists, these services focus on helping patients to regain their mobility and normal functions. Recognized for their compassion as well as expertise, our Physical Therapists become trusted members of our patients’ families as well as trusted allies for Primary Physicians concerned about quality care for their patients.

Occupational Therapy: Treating Trauma

Our certified Occupational Therapists work with patients suffering from injuries and trauma that impact their daily lives and quality of living. We offer therapy programs that help patients regain mobility, restore function, and manage pain. These include:

  • Hand programs and repetitive stress-injury programs
  • Cognitive training for patients with short-term memory loss
  • Brain retraining and neuro/stroke rehabilitation
  • Fine motor skills coordination
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL) training

Speech Therapy: Giving Patients Back Their Voice

Our certified Speech Language Pathologists work with a range of patients whose swallow, speech, language, and cognitive skills have been impacted by their medical condition. Working closely with our radiologists, our Speech-Language Pathologists also use fluoroscopic techniques to capture video images of patients’ swallowing functions – a critical tool in helping identify and treat swallowing problems.

Collaborators in Rehabilitative Care

Our Rehabilitation services combine the interdisciplinary expertise of certified Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists, RNs, orthopedic surgeons, general surgeons, pulmonologists, GI specialists, and a range of specialists – all with the shared goal of improving patient lives.

Primary physicians, family members, and caregivers are a central part of this collaborative team and are kept continually informed about the patient’s progress. We serve as an extension of the patient’s primary care, and as support for the patient’s family. Our priority is to return the patient to those who care for and love them, and to the environments they call home.

Medical staff talking with elderly patient

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