We offer comprehensive services to treat diseases and conditions affecting the urinary system.


Advanced Treatment Techniques and Technologies

Memorial Hospital of Gardena is dedicated to using high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic technologies to treat diseases affecting the urinary system. You’ll receive world-class urology care from a team of local and national leaders in their fields and can be confident you’ll get the very highest standard of treatment, conveniently delivered within your community.

With care from our expert specialists who provide individualized treatment plans, you can rest easy knowing you will receive innovative, personalized care.


Our Approach to Urology Care

  • Specialized Care from Your Team of Experts:
    Patients have access to superior care provided by specialists who are well-trained experts in the field. You can also rest easy knowing you’ll receive superior care from nurses who are specially trained in urology.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology:
    We use new equipment to readily diagnose urological problems, and offer minimally invasive procedures. Patients benefit from a complete spectrum of urologic endoscopic technology and techniques.
  • Partners in Care:
    To ensure appropriate follow up, faster recovery and better outcomes, we collaborate with your Primary Care Physician for specialized care.
  • Complete Surgical Services:
    We provide diagnosis and treatment for diseases and conditions affecting the urinary system including male and female urinary tract evaluation and treatments, advanced surgical options for treating urinary stone disease, upper tract (kidney and ureter) transitional cell carcinoma, benign prostatic hyperplasia and complications of urinary diversions, among others.
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