Coordinated, collaborative care for a full range of respiratory conditions.

Helping Patients Breathe Easier

Pulmonary Care is a branch of medicine related to diseases and disorders that affect the lungs and respiratory system. As specialists in ventilatory care, we offer a comprehensive approach to breathing and pulmonary treatments. Our board-certified respiratory therapists, intensivists, pulmonologists and physicians have extensive training and experience in the field. All of our providers tailor their approach to offer personalized, empathetic care for the specific needs of patients and their families.


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Stay Engaged. Stay Healthy.

At Memorial Hospital of Gardena, we are proud to offer educational opportunities to promote the health and well-being of the communities we serve. We provide a variety of classes with information on healthy eating, weight management, and more.

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COVID-19 Testing Information

Is COVID-19 Testing Available at the Hospital?

We offer COVID-19 testing for emergency room patients who:

  • have symptoms
  • have been in close contact with an infected person
  • meet other qualifying criteria

Please keep in mind that general testing may be available through your primary care physician. 

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