New CT Scanner

A festive ribbon-cutting led guests into the Radiology Department to see the new CT scanner. Taking part (from left to right) were: Mahua Biswas, M.D., chief of staff and medical director for radiology; Gregory Monette, hospital chief operating officer; City of Gardena Mayor Pro Tem Rodney Tanaka; Patrick Caster, hospital chief executive officer; Gardena City Councilmember Paulette Francis; and hospital governing board members John Murillo and Tammy Woods.

Memorial Hospital of Gardena celebrated the addition of a 128-slice CT scanner to the hospital’s digital imaging suite with an event June 29 that included praise from local dignitaries.

The upgrade to the digital imaging suite is evidence of ongoing revitalization efforts at the hospital, including significant investments in technology.

“The new Siemens Go Top 128-Slice CT Scanner is enabling a high level of care at Memorial Hospital of Gardena,” said Patrick Caster, chief executive officer. “We are now able to provide a wider range of procedures to positively affect the residents of our community.


New CT Scanner

Guests enjoyed an introduction to the new 128-slice CT scanner and Dr. Mahua Biswas’ discussion of the technology that enhances patient care.

He added, “This investment brings our community access to quality care, offering faster diagnoses with much lower radiation exposure.”

Gardena Mayor Pro Tem Rodney Tanaka congratulated the hospital staff, saying, “This hospital continues to do a great job of caring for our community.”

City Councilwoman Paulette Francis also commended hospital staff, with personal thanks for caring for her and members of her family over the years. “This new equipment will lead to better diagnoses and better outcomes,” she said. “What you do here each day matters.”

Hospital Chief Operating Officer Gregory Monette emceed the brief program and ribbon-cutting, which included hospital governing board members John Murillo and Tammy Woods.

New CT Scanner

Members of the Radiology Department staff at Memorial Hospital of Gardena joined in celebrating the newest addition to their team – the 128-slice CT scanner.

Gardena Mayor Tasha Cerna was unable to attend the event but did stop by the hospital later in the day to present a Certificate of Congratulations to hospital staff.

The 128-slice CT scanner generates fast, highly detailed scans. For example,

if a patient arrives at the hospital with symptoms of a blood clot, with this technology the physician can verify and administer a clot-busting drug that helps prevent further tissue damage in a matter of seconds.

The new Siemens Go Top 128-slice CT scanner will enable hospital staff to offer faster access to lifesaving measures and reduce the hospital’s need to transfer patients to facilities offering this level of care. As an added benefit, the advanced technology improves safety, for both patient and staff, as the more efficient operation reduces the amount of radiation used.

The new scanner not only increases imaging quality, but also reduces the time from scan to image delivery. The result is improved operational efficiency, reduced wait times and improved patient throughput.

Certificate of Congratulations

“We are extremely excited as this level of imaging is traditionally reserved for academic medical centers,” said Clemencia Hebron, radiology director at Memorial Hospital of Gardena. “Our medical staff is now able to diagnose and treat potentially life-threatening medical conditions faster and more safely, thanks to the enhanced equipment, while patients enjoy the reduced wait times.”