Recognition Weeks celebrated at Coast Plaza, Gardena

Memorial Hospital of Gardena RCP’s Nick Zevallos (left) and Joy Mendoza (right) were among the employees recognized in October.

Two groups of employees were recognized at two Pipeline Health hospitals late in October.

At both Coast Plaza Hospital and Memorial Hospital of Gardena, respiratory therapists were celebrated during National Respiratory Care Week and cardiology technicians were recognized during Cardiopulmonary Care Week.

“We celebrated and honored the respiratory therapists and cardiology technicians at both hospitals, with administration providing meals in their honor,” according to Denise Anderson, director of cardiopulmonary services for the two Pipeline Health facilities.

A respiratory therapist is a certified medical professional who specializes in providing healthcare for lung-related issues. They have advanced knowledge of high-tech equipment, such as mechanical ventilators.

Respiratory therapists help improve outcomes for patients with asthma, pneumonia, emphysema, lung trauma, and other diagnoses. RTs can assess a patient’s breathing, recommend exercises and monitor progress with therapy.

Cardiology technicians – including EKG techs and echo techs — complete tests ordered for the heart. RT’s, EKG and echo techs partner with physicians and nurses to provide specialized care for those who need their services.